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  • Scarlet Tiger are constantly developing an ever broadening range of earthenware containers with a practical use and an overarching essential, that they be decorated in colourful and inspiring designs. The Jewel and Sundae ranges in particular are a flamboyant riot of colour, whilst other designs have their roots in the natural world of flora and fauna. Often featured are birds, animals and sea-life of Britain or birds and flowers of the tropics. The company name of Scarlet Tiger derives from a particularly colourful British Moth of the same name.

    We at Scarlet Tiger want our customers to look upon their purchases from us with the joy in which they were designed and painted. Each individual piece tells a story and no two items are ever the same. We are proud to have had customers tell us that we make “mini works of art” and we strive to live up to that description each and every day

    We want our customers to pick up their creations and read the ‘story’ in the design that has  flowed freely from Sue’s artistic imagination and whilst Sue creates her magic from her designs, Andrew is driven by developing precise hand-made moulds from which emerge perfectly fired ceramic pieces.

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